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Eighth Michigan Infantry Co. C
About Us

The Eighth Michigan Volunteer Infantry Co. C is a Non-profit organization. There are no dues or monthly meetings required. Meetings are held at events except for a yearly planning meeting in February following the Michigan Re-enactors Conference.

Most of our events are in or near Michigan. Once or twice a year we schedule a National event. The Eighth Michigan is proud to be a member of the Cumberland Guard. The majority of our events are part of the Cumberland Guard's schedule. In recent years we have also attended the Battle of Blue Springs in Tenessee. This was among the battle honors of the Eighth and is hosted by the 79th New York, whom the Eighth was brigaded with for most of the war. The 79th and the 8th became inseperable and were known to trade hats and pranks with each other all the way through the siege of Petersburg.

The Eighth Michigan Company C was formed in 1993 by veteran re-enactors in mid-Michigan seeking to improve the quality and authenticity of the re-enacting experience to incorporate the best of the various groups they had been in.

The rules they made include:

1. The officer is the president of the organization and is elected at the yearly planning meeting.

2. An officer must come up through the ranks.

3. Only infantry impressions are permitted in the organization. Civilians cannot have a vote in the unit.

4. If you belong to other units, you must fall in with the Eighth at events where both are present.

5. You must make Winter Muster and two other events a year.

6. Standards of authenticity in dress and behavior must be maintained.

While we have certain standards we strive to uphold we are not an exclusive or exclusionary unit. We try to be tolerant of our pards differences and even of the sescesh and farbs around us. As my father would say "I'm tolerant of everyone, except the intolerant. Intolerant people should be taken out and shot! No questions asked." and I guess that's why I fight for the Union.

After all, only those who fought in the war can honestly say they are authentic. (and some of them, General Custer and Jeb Stuart come to mind, seem pretty farby, too.)

Our Fearless Leaders for the year 2002

First Sergeant Edgar Dowd

Corporal John Homer
Corporal Mark Elkins

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Members must meet certain standards of dress

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This illustration is from the offical regulations of the U.S. Army, 1861. We NEVER look this good.

Where are we from?

Most of us are from Michigan's lower peninsula. We have members in Illinois, Indiana, on active duty in the armed forces and welcome new members from any location.